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Fast Approval - Title Loans Abilene, TX

About Goff & Holcomb

Most folks are surprised and delighted to learn that they can still qualify for title loans Abilene with bad credit. Banks typically rely on credit scores to determine if you are a good candidate for a loan. However, we don’t need to check credit information because are loans are secured with the title to your vehicle. So, even if your credit rating isn’t so good, we encourage everyone to apply for fast cash today.
Granted, there are a few title lenders that choose to impound vehicles during the loan period, but Goff & Holcomb Title Loans isn’t one of them. We feel that it’s important for our customers to have access to their cars, so you may continue to use your car just as you always have.
Interest rates can make a substantial difference in the cost of a loan for consumers. Therefore, we make every effort to find the best rates before closing loans to keep costs down for our customers.
We know that many of our customers come to us to get cash for unexpected emergencies. So, it really is important that we are able to respond quickly to their financial needs. Fortunately, our loan process allows us to process and approve loans in record time. To meet the needs of our borrowers, all approved borrowers get their loan funds within one day of applying.

How Loan Amounts Are Figured

Loan amounts can run from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending upon the condition of your vehicle. To determine the highest possible loan amount, we rely on the vehicle information submitted in your application. Vehicle information is checked against the Kelly Blue Book database to come up with the current market value of your car or truck offered as collateral.

Next, we look at your monthly income to decide an affordable payment arrangement. We use the combination of this information to come up with the final loan amount.

Learning How Car Title Loans Work

Applying for a Loan

Applicants are free to choose the easiest method to apply for title loans Abilene. Some folks want to speak with a loan representative over the phone, so they can ask questions before applying.

You are welcome to phone in your application. You can also drop by a nearby loan center store to meet with a loan representative in person. If you have internet access, you can fill out a short online application.

Your Loan Consultation

Loan consultations are conducted over the telephone. You can expect questions about your source of income and approximately how much money you make per month. This information is needed to determine an affordable repayment plan. Approved borrowers are presented with several repayment plans. After reviewing your income, your loan representative can provide advice about the best plans for your circumstances.

Your Contract

To legalize title loans Abilene, Goff & Holcomb Title Loans will draw up a contract, which meets the state regulations surrounding car title loans. Your contract will specify the terms of the loan, and it includes your repayment schedule..

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After signing your contract, you will need to meet the collateral requirements by turning over your paper car title.

Titles are returned to borrowers when the loan is paid in full.

After the paperwork is completed, we will payout your loan funds, and you’ll begin making payments according to your repayment schedule. Goff & Holcomb Title Loans takes the time to work with borrowers to find the best interest rates and affordable repayment plans. If you need cash fast, you can count on us for professional services and cash in a day or less.

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Applying Process

01. Meeting Requirements

To be approved for title loans Abilene, we require a few documents, and you must have a vehicle in working order. You will be asked to provide your driver’s license, so we can confirm your identity and that you are at least 18 or older. You should have some monthly income, but we accept a number of income sources.

To secure your loan, we require the paper copy of your car title. Be sure your title lists you as the legal vehicle owner. Titles should be lien free to qualify.

02. Completing Your Loan Application

Most people complete an online application in just a few minutes. You’ll need to provide the following information on your application:

• Your first and last name, home zip code and a telephone number.
• The age, make, model, body style and a mileage estimate for your vehicle.

Applicants receive loan estimates immediately after submitting their applications.